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FOALS 2016


M: Skessa frá Sölvholti


M: Tía frá Sölvholti


M: Þoka frá Sölvholti


M: Sprengja


M: Karitas frá Sölvholti


M: Móskjóna frá Sölvholti

Stallionfoal ( Could be roan)

M: Víóla frá Sölvholti

Stallionfoal (Reserved)

M: Valbrá frá Blönduósi


M: Hrafnhetta frá Sölvholti


M: Snerpa frá Sölvholti

Marefoal (Black roan)

M: Pálína frá Sölvholti


M: Þeytivinda frá Sölvholti

Marefoal SOLD

M: Ósk frá Berjanesi


M: Embla frá Njálsgerði


M: Summa frá Sölvholti


M: Stjörnumamma


M: Stjúpa frá Sölvholti


M: Stelpa frá Sölvholti

Stallionfoal SOLD

M: Dúlla frá Sölvholti

Stallionfoal SOLD

M: Moldavia frá Sölvholti

Marefoal (GREY)

M: Rönd frá Sölvholti


M: Vofa frá Sölvholti

Stallionfoal NOT FOR SALE

M: Vatnadís frá Sölvholti


M: Hátíð frá Sölvholti

Stallionfoal (Silver dapple)

M: Nös frá Sölvholti


M: Syrpa frá Reykjavík


M: Grása frá Sölvholti


M: Freisting frá Kaldbak

Stallionfoal NOT FOR SALE

M: Halastjarna frá Hólum

Stallionfoal SOLD

M: Bylgja frá Fossi


M: Brúða frá Þorkelshóli II


M: Sóley frá Gerðum


M: Mímósa frá Þorkelshóli II



M: Syrpa frá Sölvholti


M: Dagrenning frá Sölvholti


M: Dröfn frá Uppsölum

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All buyers are welcome to stay with us in our club only for owners of horses from Sölvholt at Facebook.

We can share photos and update each others about our horses. Great club :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/236567986662/  is the link to the Facebook club.


It is possible I have some more videos with some of the salehorses. Feel free to ask about it and infomations about them in E-mail solvholt@gmail.com

And my FACEBOOK link: https://www.facebook.com/elisabetaj


I'm to quit breeding horses, that is why they are all for sale.










Haraldur hárfagri frá Árbæjarhjáleigu (Haraldur Fairhair) is named after the first King of Norway. He is born in 2008, and is a black roan gelding, with an interrupted blaze and white sclera (carrier of splashed white). He is currently in the south of Iceland.


Haraldur is very tall for an Icelandic horse. He hasn't been measured, but he is much taller than the average horse in Iceland. He has been trained for two months and knows the basics, but has not yet been trained in tölt. He is easy to load on a trailer, and does not have any stable vices or problematic behaviours. He is genotyped for the pacemaker/gaitkeeper mutation, with a genotype of CA, so he can not pace. Haraldur is registered in WorldFengur, and is microchipped.


He is very receptive to communication, willing to please and quick to accept the human as a leader. He is however a bit shy, both around other horses and humans. In spite of his size, he does not boss the other horses around, and prefers to avoid confrontations. It can be quite adorable to watch when the other horses have a disagreement, and you can see him slowly move himself away from the aggressive individuals, sometimes hiding behind other horses. He is very much a gentle and shy giant.


Haraldur's sire is the first-prize stallion Ægir frá Móbergi, who has been a successful competition horse in Iceland. Amongst other things he has competed at Landsmót three times in Young Riders Class. In 2006 Ægir got 8,52 and the 5th place in the A-finals, in 2008, he got 8,32 in the preliminaries, and in 2011 he got 8,37 and the 8th place in the B-finals. Haraldur's dam, Skessa, was a roan mare of reliable, strong and calm stock, bred to swim the cold and swift glacial rivers running from Vatnajökull. She was very tall, and Haraldur gets both his size and roan colour from her.


Haraldur is for sale because of lack of time, with the hope that he will find a good owner. Because he is only trained for two months, he does not suit a beginner unless he is sent for more training. With good care he will develop into a sensitive riding horse with intermediate forwardness. His size makes him an excellent choice for a long-legged person, and his rare and pretty colour will make him a horse to be noticed.


Video of Haraldur, taken after one month of training:




Haraldur hárfagri frá Árbæjarhjáleigu - IS2008186996


S: Ægir frá Móbergi - (Total:8.06 Conformation:7.96 Talent:8.13)

- SS: Burkni frá Borgarhóli - (Total:8.16 Conformation:7.78 Talent:8.54)

- - SSS: Kolfinnur 1020 f. Kjarnholtum - (Total:8.45 Conformation:8.05 Talent:8.84)

- - SSD: Glóð 4670 frá Borgarhóli - (Total:8.10 Conformation:8.04 Talent:8.17)

- SD: Hallveig 5855 frá Kolkuósi - (Total:7.88 Conformation:7.88 Talent:7.88)

- - SDS: Nói 843 frá Nýjabæ - (Total:7.83 Conformation:8.00 Talent:7.65)

- - SDD: Brúnka frá Kolkuósi

D: Skessa frá Svínafelli

- DS: Blesi 1000 frá Jaðri - (Total:7.77 Conformation:7.71 Talent:7.73)

- - DSS: Stjörnublesi frá Jaðri - (Total:7.73 Conformation:7.76 Talent:7.70)

- - DSD: Nös 5300 frá Jaðri - (Total:7.92 Conformation:7.73 Talent:8.12)

- DD: Mön frá Svínafelli

- - DDS: Þytur frá Svínafelli

- - DDD: Bleika frá Svínafelli

Price: 250.000-isk or offer!






IS2002125857 Breki frá Melabergi


Breki is black gelding. His size is 1.42. He is handsome and easy tölter. Carry much willing so he fit for riders with experience.

But he is very lovely horse and can be catch outside. He is not stressed and could fit for light competitions. 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iSYPKaK30o


Price: 200.000-isk or offer.





IS2010237128 Halastjarna frá Hólum

Halastjarna is easy to ride and light by the reins. Good willing. Not much ridden. 15 years old boy could ride her last year.

Can be catch everywhere. Very lovely and easy mare. She use the trot. She had a foal this spring and it is not included.

She can leave the farm in december 2016.

Video with Halastjarna father:



Price: 250.000-isk.



04.02.2016 01:07

Stallions FOR SALE

IS2011180333 Þytur frá Miðey.  DNA Tested.

F: Ljósálfur frá Hvítanesi, (FF: Álfur frá Selfossi, 1st prize)

M: Birta frá Miðey.

Homozygous palomino Stallion.

5-gaits, Good and clear gaits. 

Easy to handle and respect people.


Þytur was in training by Úrvalshestar.

Fit for riders with experience.

Size 1.39 (stick)

NEW Price: 380.000-isk. 



IS2012156991 Elías frá Tindum. DNA Tested !

Homozygous splash bay, stallion.

F: Brúnblesi frá Nesi.

M: Rauðsokka frá Tindum.

5-gaits, good gaits and easy to tölt.  Extra calm and lovely. Very easy to handle and can catch him outside.

Trained by Úrvalshestar.

Size 1.43 (stick)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0UaidD4ciA&feature=youtu.be

New Price: 350.000-isk.


DNA Tests available from his parents !!










03.02.2016 23:18



Gunnfaxi frá Tindum (IS2012156992) is a four year old chestnut tobiano splashed-white gelding, born in 2012. His name, Gunnfaxi, means battle-mane or war-horse, a name chosen because of his proud spirit. With his bold colouring and blue eyes is Gunnfaxi is a horse that is sure to be noticed.


Gunnfaxi was born on a mountain in the North-West of Iceland, and spent his first seven months running free with a large herd on an expansive pasture on the mountain. Then he was brought to the South of Iceland, and halter trained for a few days, before being let out to a large pasture with other youngsters and older mares. He has been there ever since, except for a few days after he was castrated, when he was kept in a stable. He is not trained to ride.


Gunnfaxi is a proud horse, with a lot of personality. He is likely to be a forward and powerful horse as he matures, in particular if trained in a way that does not break his character. He will be suitable for an experienced rider that enjoys a horse with spirit. Gunnfaxi has been tested for the pacemaker/gaitkeeper mutation, with a genotype of CA, so he can not pace. As a foal he showed both trot and tölt, today he chooses trot in pasture. As he is not yet fully grown it is unknown how tall he will be, but best guess is slightly shorter than average.

-----------------------------------------                            ------------------------                      ---------------------                     --------------------                       -----------------------                   ------------------                  -------------------

Gunnfaxi frá Tindum (IS2012156992) är fyra år gammal, fuxskäck/bukskäck, född 2012. Hans namn betyder kamp-man eller krigshäst, grundat på hans stolta karaktär. Med sin stiliga färg och blåa ögon kommer Gunnfaxi att bli en häst som syns i mängden.


Gunnfaxi föddes på ett fjäll i nordvästra Island, där han sprang runt med en stor flock de första sju månaderna. Därefter blev han transporterad till södra Island, där han blev hanterad litegrann innan han fick springa fri på en stor betesmark med andra unghästar och äldre ston. Han har varit där sen dess, förutom några dagar när han blev kastrerad, då han var inne. Han är inte inriden.


Gunnfaxi är en stolt individ, med massor av karaktär. Gunnfaxi kommer nog att bli en framåt och kraftfull individ när han är färdigvuxen, särskilt om han blir inriden och tränad på ett sätt som inte knäcker hans stolthet. Troligen blir han lämplig för en van och rutinerad ryttare som njuter av en häst med eld i ådrorna. Han är genotypad för passanlaget och är heterozygot CA, och kan därför inte gå i pass. Som föl visade han tölt och trav, nu väljer han trav när han går fri. Eftersom han inte är färdigvuxen är det inte än klart hur hög han kommer att bli, men uppskattas bli en smula kortare än medelhäst.

Price: 120.000-isk or offer





IS2015287379 Auður frá Sölvholti.

Palomino with star and snip, mare. Medium sized, 5- gaits.

M: Sóley frá Gerðum, F: Þytur frá Miðey.

Video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSMoLqa9hRE&feature=youtu.be

New price: 50.000-isk.




IS2015287353 Bomba frá Sölvholti.

A Mare.

Homozygous palomino.

M: Sprengja frá Sölvholti, F: Þytur frá Miðey.

Price: 60.000-isk


IS2015287356 Aþena frá Sölvholti.

A Mare.

Very lovely and not stressed. 5-gaits. Big.

Would fit as a good familyhorse in the future.

Both parents are easy to tölt and good ridinghorses.

Dark bay with blaze and one sock.

M: Ósk frá Berjanesi, F: Elías frá Tindum.

Price: 60.000-isk.



IS2015287351 Sprunga frá Sölvholti.

Silver dapple pinto with star. A Mare.

Very calm and nice. She is big. 5- Gaits.

M: Skífa frá Sölvholti, F: Váli frá Ásgarði.

NEW Price: 70.000-isk.








IS2015187351 Eros frá Sölvholti.  A Stallion!!.

Smokey black pinto, blue eyes.

Shows much tölt. Calm and curious.

M: Þoka frá Sölvholti, F: Þytur frá Miðey.

Price: 60.000-isk.







IS2015187378 Albert frá Sölvholti. A Stallion!!.

Palomino with blaze and blue in eyes / GREY.

M: Hátíð frá Sölvholti. F: Þytur frá Miðey.

5-gaits. Light build. Nice youngster.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ_cKbI_zJc

His brother Hvinur frá Sölvholti got 1zt price for body; 4 years old stallion 2015, total: 8.02.


Price: 60.000-isk.





VIDEO 2016 youngsters for sale:

Mares born 2015


Stallions born 2015
















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Mares for sale 2016















~IS2006256483 Valbrá frá Blönduósi.

She is one month trained but has been for breeding. Medium sized. 4-gaits.

NEW Price: 100.000-isk for Valbrá. 160.000-isk for Valbrá and her stallionfoal born 2016 together.


Video since she was in training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yqpClFMQWk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0_bwUA8CmA






IS2005288376 Freisting frá Kaldbak.

Chestnut with star and snip, ROAN. Splash and silver gene carry.

Freisting is trained and 5-gaits, a lot of tölt ! She is extra lovely and can be taken everywhere. She is not much ridden. Carry good willing and she is big.

Very short video clip since in training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngUBJjwU2m0

New Price: 250.000-isk or offer.






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